Located on the site of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Gresham, Oregon, Springwater Studio became real when the people of St. Luke’s looked for the answers to three questions:

  1. Who are we?
  2. What is God calling us to be/do?
  3. Who is our neighbor?

As it turns out, St. Luke’s is full of artists and people who value beauty. As well as nurses, counselors, spiritual directors, and other people involved in healing work. It also turns out that our namesake, St. Luke the Physician, is the patron saint of artists and physicians. What happened next was the vision for Springwater Studio. With Springwater Studio, we see a place for art to do what the Church does: build community for the discovery of meaning and healing to the glory of God. But rather than pews, hymns, and a sermon Sunday morning at 10, Springwater Studio is more paintbrushes and cameras and an after-school snack Thursday afternoon. Or a glass of wine, a canvas, and some friends Friday night. Or a weekend-long labyrinth creativity retreat in the summer. Christian spirituality will be an element of some, but not all, Springwater offerings. Course descriptions will clarify which courses include Christian themes.