Complementing the healing work that happens in Springwater Studio arts classes, Springwater Counseling offers private sessions with counselors and spiritual directors.

Practitioners who use the space operate independently of St. Luke’s Church and Springwater Studio. Springwater Counseling is located between Springwater Studio classrooms.  If you would like to make an appointment with a spiritual director, or counselor, you are welcome to get in touch with one of the Springwater Counseling practitioners.

Seasons of Life Pastoral Counseling
Integrating Spirituality and Psychotherapy for Healing and Growth.

Debbie Kohler, M.A.
(503) 558-9400

A Child’s Time Counseling

Child and Family Therapy

Jenny Williams, LCSW

(503) 343-9950

Trudy Schorzman

Cranial Sacral Therapy


If you are a practitioner interested in seeing clients in Springwater Office, click here for more information.

Springwater Office